Continue Chimerism monitoring with AlleleSEQR, using KimerDx Transplant Monitoring System


Dear Sir, Madam,


This is a new update regarding the transfer of manufacturing and distribution of the AlleleSEQR® product portfolio to GenDx. (more information Attachment 1) This update only concerns the Celera chimerism products.


The AlleleSEQR chimerism products will be incorporated into the KimerDx Transplant Monitoring System. Some small modifications will be applied.


First and foremost, all of the Celera-designed chimerism-assays will be available through GenDx. This means your laboratory will not need to re-type existing recipients and donors. However, we recommend that new recipients and donors be genotyped with KimerDx’s multiplexed, higher throughput method, as GenDx does not plan to produce the AlleleSEQR screening plates.


The Celera markers will be re-named, but they will retain their original numbers, for example, CA001 will become KMR001 and CA002 will become KMR002. Please see our Assay Name Conversion table (Attachment 2), which is also included in our reagent and software IFUs and in “KMRengine® Help”.


Despite the advantages of more markers and faster analysis by KMRengine, we apologize upfront for any confusion which can rise at your institution related to these changes. However, we are confident that the changes improve your results and increase your ease of use.


Of course we are ready to support you when changing to these new codes and methodology as well in guiding you through the software. Contact our Support Team in case you have any question.


We are looking forward to working with you, facilitating high quality monitoring of chimerism by the latest techniques!


Kindest regards,


Wietse Mulder,                             PhD Doug Bost
Managing Director                        Product Line Manager KimerDx