EZ1 Advanced XL

 EZ1 Advanced XL

Ref. 9001874

Robotic workstation for automated purification of nucleic acids from up to 14 samples using EZ1 Kits: includes installation, training, 1-year warranty on parts and labor
For automated purification of nucleic acids from up to 14 human, forensic, or molecular diagnostics samples


  • High-quality genomic DNA and RNA from a range of sample materials

  • Viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA from biomedical samples

  • Throughput of up to 14 samples per run

  • Effortless data management with full traceability

  • UV lamp to help minimize contamination risk


The EZ1 Advanced XL performs automated nucleic acid purification for a wide range of sample types relevant for molecular diagnostics, human identity testing, forensics, biomedical research, and gene expression analysis.



Automated sample preparation enables efficient, standardized purification of nucleic acids. Manual sample handling is minimized, ensuring safety to the user and reliable processing of samples.

The EZ1 Advanced XL instrument uses proven EZ1 Kits for purification of DNA, RNA, and viral nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials. Purified nucleic acids are ready for immediate use in downstream applications. The combination of an easy-to-use instrument, with error-free protocol selection and worktable setup, and prefilled, sealed reagent cartridges makes nucleic acid purification easy.


Standardization and traceability

The EZ1 Advanced XL sets new standards in data management. Barcode reading enables complete tracking of samples and reagents throughout the entire purification process. Notes and assay identification information can also be easily entered. For increased process control and reliability, reagent identification and lot numbers are logged together with the expiration date, and a warning is issued if the expiration date has been exceeded. The run report, automatically generated at the end of each protocol, contains all relevant instrument information, including maintenance procedures and decontamination data. The instruments generate a pdf and a csv file after each run. Data can be easily transferred to a printer or computer within the network and the report file can be subsequently processed by a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).
Proven technology with improved performance

Proven EZ1 Kits, in combination with EZ1 Advanced XL Cards, ensure high-performance results in purification procedures. The unrivaled ease of use of the EZ1 Advanced XL enables fast and reproducible purification, without the need for specialized training or previous experience with laboratory automation. The extensive application range, including DNA purification from blood, tissues, and human identity and forensic samples, RNA purification from cells and tissues, and purification of viral nucleic acids from a range of sample types, delivers the flexibility that is essential for laboratories.
Safety and reliability

The EZ1 Advanced XL has been designed to ensure high process safety, high performance, and user convenience. A sensor ensures that the instrument door remains closed during sample preparation, reducing contact of laboratory personnel with potentially infectious samples and protecting sample integrity. At the end of each run, an intelligent-design UV lamp decontaminates the inner surface of the instrument. UV decontamination is highly effective in eliminating Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (see tables). If required, the instrument can be placed in a safety cabinet, providing increased user safety.


E. coli colony numbers


EZ1 Advanced XL_ECOLI


S. haemolyticus colony numbers


EZ1 Advanced XL_S