EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit

 EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit


For automated purification of DNA from 1–6 or 1–14 forensic and human identity samples per run

  • More efficient yields from trace casework samples
  • Higher signal-to-noise ratios
  • “Tip dance” protocol for processing solid material
  • Optional TE elution and use of carrier RNA

The EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit reproducibly automates purification of genomic DNA from reference and casework samples in human identity testing. The kit can be used with the EZ1 Advanced XL (1–14 samples per run), EZ1 Advanced (1–6 samples per run), and BioRobot EZ1 (1–6 samples per run) instruments. Purification is fast and efficient, and purified DNA performs well in downstream analyses, such as quantitative PCR and STR analysis, with high signal-to-noise ratios.


The EZ1 Advanced XL, EZ1 Advanced, and BioRobot EZ1 provide fully automated purification of genomic DNA using silica-coated magnetic particles. Magnetic-particle technology eliminates tedious centrifugation steps, and the easy-to-use instrument allows purification of 1-14 samples (EZ1 Advanced XL) or 1–6 samples (EZ1 Advanced and BioRobot EZ1) in a single run. The automatic sensor-controlled lock of the instrument door and the use of sealed reagent cartridges reduce the chances of environmental contamination.


Pretreated samples are loaded onto the instrument, and genomic DNA is purified in one step following the automated EZ1 DNA procedure. Genomic DNA is eluted, ready to use in all downstream applications.


The high-quality DNA obtained using the EZ1 DNA Investigator Kit is suited for human identity applications including forensics, kinship or paternity testing, and disaster victim identification, and is used in techniques such as:

STR and SNP genotyping
DNA quantitation
Mitochondrial or chromosomal DNA sequencing