Investigator 24plex GO! Kit

 Investigator 24plex GO! Kit

Ref. 382426

For direct STR multiplex amplification of the CODIS and ESS loci, SE33, DYS391 and Amelogenin, with an innovative Quality Sensor

  • CODIS and European standard markers in one reaction
  • Direct amplification technology for reference samples
  • Integrated Quality Sensor to support decision making
  • PCR speed of around 45 minutes for faster results
  • Reduced allelic overlap and unambiguous results

The Investigator 24plex GO! Kit is for human identification, allowing multiplex amplification of the CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) core loci, the ESS (European Standard Set) markers, plus SE33, DYS391, D2S1338, D19S433 and Amelogenin. Amplification is carried out directly from the sample without prior DNA extraction. The kit includes an innovative Quality Sensor, enabling invaluable additional data to be generated for quality control and performance tests.



The Investigator 24plex GO! Kit utilizes fast-cycling technology to provide reliable results in approximately 45 minutes directly from the sample without prior DNA extraction.

The novel Fast Reaction Mix 2.0 is based on proven QIAGEN multiplex PCR technology that has been further optimized for direct amplification. Assay performance tested in the presence of increasing concentrations of inhibitors shows superior inhibitor resistance. This enables reliable, high-quality results from direct amplification of typical reference samples such as blood.

The Investigator 24plex GO! Kit was validated and evaluated using the GeneAmp 9700 thermal cycler (in standard mode) and the Applied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyzer.


The Investigator 24plex GO! Kit uses QIAGEN’s fast-cycling PCR technology for direct, simultaneous amplification of the CODIS and ESS markers, plus SE33, DYS391, D2S1338, D19S433 and Amelogenin. Carefully designed primers minimize the overlap of alleles of different makers, thereby minimizing the likelihood of data misinterpretation.
The innovative Quality Sensors provide additional information on sample quality and PCR success beyond the profile of the sample. With two Quality Sensors being amplified as a positive control, it is possible to determine:

  • If amplification was successful
  • If DNA was present in the sample
  • If the sample was degraded
  • If inhibitors in the sample prevented successful PCR

This additional information will greatly enhance your data analysis and will help you to make crucial decisions with respect to further sample processing. Ultimately, the Quality Sensors will help you reduce unnecessary re-runs, saving you time and money.

The optimized design of the two gender markers, Amelogenin and DYS391, enables the Investigator 24plex GO! Kit to have both at a small fragment size, making the gender typing extremely robust. Even for populations with Amelogenin Null mutations, this means no more failures with the essential gender typing, even with degraded or inhibited samples.



The STR markers and the gender-specific Amelogenin are amplified simultaneously in a single PCR and labeled with one of the dyes listed in the table «Investigator 24plex GO! Kit dyes and corresponding markers».

The amplified loci then undergo capillary electrophoresis. The results can be analyzed using dedicated software, such as Applied Biosystems GeneMapper ID-X. See the table «Investigator 24plex GO! Kit technical specifications» for more information.
Investigator 24plex GO! Kit dyes and corresponding markers

24plex go_spc1

Investigator 24plex GO! Kit technical specifications

24plex go_spc2


The Investigator 24plex GO! Kit is for direct and reliable generation of DNA profiles from blood on FTA or other paper, buccal cells on FTA or other paper, or buccal swabs. It is highly suited for:

  • Criminal database samples
  • Paternity testing
  • Population genetics studies
  • Other human identification and forensics applications