Investigator DIPplex Kit

 Investigator DIPplex Kit

Ref. 384015

For multiplex amplification of 30 deletion/insertion polymorphisms plus Amelogenin

  • Unique kit featuring alternative markers for human identification
  • Highly suited for degraded DNA thanks to ~160 bp amplicon length
  • Suitable for disaster victim identification and anthropological studies
  • Easy interpretation with dedicated freeware DIPSorter


The Investigator DIPplex Kit enables the amplification of 30 deletion/insertion polymorphisms (also known as INDELs) plus Amelogenin. This provides an equally sensitive alternative to STR- and SNP-based human identification. The kit is designed to analyze highly degraded DNA, thanks to the maximum amplicon size of just ~160 bp. The genetic analysis is calibrated with BT5 Matrix, an optimized dye technology.



Human identification is commonly based on the analysis of short tandem repeats (STRs) or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), depending on the demands of an examination or on the sample quality. The Investigator DIPplex Kit uses an alternative means of human identification by allowing the analysis of biallelic deletion/insertion polymorphisms (DIPs, also called INDELs).



The 30 biallelic DIP loci plus Amelogenin are simultaneously amplified in a single PCR and labeled with four dyes. See the table «Technical specifications» for more information.

DIPplex Kit_spec



The Investigator DIPplex Kit is for generation of DNA profiles from forensic stains, hair, and bone samples, and it is highly suitable for:

Disaster victim identification
Anthropological studies
Mixed stain analysis
Other human identity testing applications