Nanopartículas de Aleación de Oro y Plata

 Nanopartículas de Aleación de Oro y Plata

Our alloyed citrate capped gold-silver nanoparticles are prepared according to an adapted citrate reduction method.

Alloyed gold-silver nanoparticles from Nanovex Biotechnologies are a good alternative to conventional silver nanoparticles. They have optical properties similar to silver nanoparticles, but showing the stability and size control features of classical gold nanoparticles.

The alloyed gold-silver nanoparticles are available in 40 nm size, others sizes are also available upon request.



Transmission Electron Microscopy images of Nanovex Biotechnologies alloy nanoparticles




a) Optical properties of alloy nanoparticles of different composition, b) 40 nm alloy nanoparticle signal obtained by Nanoparticle Tracking Analisys, c) Dynamic Light Scattering signal of Nanovex Biotechnologies 40 nm alloy nanoparticles of different composition.

Nanovex Biotechnologies guarantee the quality of the supplied nanoparticles providing its customers detailes information of each batch.




Our alloyed gold-silver nanoparticles are citrate capped, but they could be also available with other capping ligands:

Dihydrolipoic acid


Secondary antibodies