PATHM2 Small Molecule Libraries



  • Ready to use multi-well plate featuring key small molecule sets
  • Ideal for stem cell differentiation, development biology and disease research
  • Hand-selected for optimal pharmacological properties and clinical relevance
  • Proven cellular activity for each compound


PATHM2 small molecule libraries share stem cell and medicinal chemistry expertise to allow you to modulate key cellular processes. Delivered ready-to-use PATHM2 small molecule libraries offer a convenient tool to screen the effects of proven compounds on your cells.


    • Optimize your culture or differentiation process – Replace biologics, improve reproducibility: Screen our PATHM2-96 kit to identify accessory molecules that improve cell viability, proliferation or yields. All compounds are hand selected to address ‘traditional’ cascades that play a role in pluripotency maintenance or specific differentiation. Multiple agents were added to interrogate new and emerging networks/targets relevant to stem cell biology.


    • Screen your disease model – Identify/confirm critical pathways and targets: Screen our PATHM2 kits to find disease state modulators as starting points for further refinement – all our compounds have drug/lead-like properties, good water solubility, bio-membrane permeability, activity/selectivity profile and potential for optimization. We also provide one-stop scale-up, medicinal chemistry, screening and development services.


    • Study selected signaling pathways of interest – Identify key nodules, cross-talk, tune-up response: Screen our PATHM2 sets of modulators with differential pharmacology: agonsim, antagonism, partial modulation, reversible, allosteric, irreversible binding, sub-domain targeting and diverse pathway etiology.


  • Find the optimal small molecule for your target – Selective/pan modulator, specific pharmacology: Screen our PATHM2 custom sets to identify more selective and potent small molecules to replace inferior but still commonly used ones (e.g. TGFβ/BMP, ROCK, MEK/ERK, GSK3β inhibitors, Wnt/Fz activators).


Available Libraries:

    • PATHM2-96: (cat.# PMM96-KIT) – 96 lead-like optimized small molecules modulating diverse pathways relevant to stem cell maintenance and differentiation or offering new insights into the biology of stem cells.


    • PATHM2-Wnt: (cat. # PMMW-KIT) – 30 small molecules that activate, block or potentiate Wnt/Frizzled signaling at multiple pivotal points (‘nodules’) both directly and vicariously via overlapping pathways.


    • PATHM2-Epi: (cat. # PMME-KIT) – 50 small molecules modulating diverse ‘reader-writer-eraser’ enzymes involved in epigenetics (reversible histone acetylation, methylation/demethylation and DNA methylation).


    • PATHM2-Phospho: (cat. # PMMP-KIT) – 96 chemically and pharmacologically distinct compounds exhibiting biological diversity against the ‘kinome’ by targeting all 7 kinase subfamilies identified to date.


    • PATHM2-Hormone: (cat. # PMMH-KIT) – 90 validated molecules that tackle multiple aspects of endocrinal and hormonal signaling relevant to stem cell biology and development.




Standard PATHM2 screening kits are pre-plated and pre-dissolved in DMSO (100µL of 10mM stock).






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