QIAcube HT

 QIAcube HT

Ref. 9001793

Robotic workstation with UV lamp, HEPA filter, laptop, QIAcube HT operating software, startup pack, installation and training, 1-year warranty on parts and labor


DNA from complex food samples


The DNeasy mericon 96 QIAcube HT Kit has been specially adapted for rapid mid- to high-throughput purification of DNA from a variety of raw and processed food matrices on the QIAcube HT instrument. A modified cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) extraction procedure allows DNA extraction from all food samples in radically shorter time compared with conventional CTAB protocols (see figure Efficient and rapid DNA extraction from complex food samples). Now users can prepare the same high-quality DNA as from the manual DNeasy mericon Food Kit with a quick and simple automated procedure (see figure Purification of DNA from complex food samples).




Automated purification on the QIAcube HT is quick and cost-effective and delivers high-quality nucleic acids from 24–96 samples per run. Dedicated QIAcube HT Kits enable purification of nucleic acids from a diverse range of starting materials, including cells, tissues, bacteria, viruses, and food material. The QIAcube HT is extremely easy to use, and the intuitive software lets users start a run with just a few mouse clicks.

Four dedicated QIAcube HT purification kits are currently available. The QIAamp 96 DNA QIAcube HT Kit enables automated purification of total DNA from blood, cells, and tissue. The RNeasy 96 QIAcube HT Kit is designed for automated purification of total RNA or total RNA, including miRNA, from animal and human cells and tissue. The cador Pathogen 96 DNA QIAcube HT Kit is for automated purification of viral RNA and DNA and bacterial DNA from animal samples. The DNeasy mericon 96 QIAcube HT Kit is for automated purification of total nucleic acids from a range of raw and processed food sample types. All the plastic consumables required for sample purification runs are conveniently included in the QIAcube HT Plasticware package. Predesigned protocols and instrument run files are easily downloaded from the «Resources» tab on the QIAcube HT catalog page. This maximizes convenience and lets users get up and running quickly in the laboratory.

QIAcube HT is a compact, benchtop instrument with a very small footprint. It fits easily onto most lab benches and can be readily moved into biosafety level laboratories. QIAcube HT comes with a laptop computer for added flexibility.

Advanced instrument safety features, including a translucent hood, help to protect precious samples from environmental contamination. The HEPA filter maintains positive clean air pressure on the worktable underneath the hood and protects precious samples from potential airborne contamination. The UV light provides efficient worktable decontamination and helps to prevent cross-contamination. QIAcube HT ejects used tips through the tip disposal chute into a disposable plastic box located at the side of the instrument. This external tip ejection prevents waste accumulation in the clean workspace. The tip disposal box holder keeps the box positioned correctly under the tip chute. The disposal box also comes with a secure-fitting lid to make waste disposal simple and safe.




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