QIAxcel Advanced System

 QIAxcel Advanced System

REF. 9002123

For effortless DNA and RNA analysis


  • Rapid analysis of up to 96 samples without manual intervention
  • Safety and convenience with ready-to-use gel cartridges
  • Accurate analysis of low concentration nucleic acids with 3–5 bp resolution
  • User-friendly analysis software that supports electronic signatures and records
  • Objective RNA quality measurement with new RNA Integrity Score (RIS)


The revolutionary QIAxcel Advanced system replaces traditional, labor-intensive gel analysis of DNA and RNA — streamlining workflows and reducing time to result. The QIAxcel Advanced system fully automates sensitive, high-resolution capillary electrophoresis of up to 96 samples per run. DNA fragment analysis of 12 samples can be performed in as little as 3 minutes. Ready-to-run gel cartridges allow 96 samples to be analyzed with a minimum of hands-on interaction, reducing manual handling errors and eliminating the need for tedious gel preparation. User-friendly QIAxcel ScreenGel software ensures convenient analysis and documentation of data. The QIAGEN RNA Integrity Score (RIS) provides an objective quality measurement of the analyzed samples and allows easy interpretation of sample integrity.




The QIAxcel Advanced instrument includes an array of light-emitting diodes and micro-optical collectors that latch to capillaries within QIAxcel gel cartridges. Fragments that are migrating through a gel matrix within the capillary pass excitation and detection spots and the signal is transmitted through a photomultiplier tube to the QIAxcel ScreenGel software for data interpretation (see figure Sample separation process).


The high detection sensitivity provided by the QIAxcel Advanced instrument enables robust results even with low concentrations of nucleic acid. With a resolution of 3–5 bp for fragments smaller than 0.5 kb, the QIAxcel Advanced system ensures greater accuracy than slab-gel methods, as well as greater confidence in data interpretation. Sample consumption is less than 0.1 μl per analysis, saving precious samples for further downstream analysis. Hands-free sample loading and self-contained components minimize exposure to hazardous chemicals, such as ethidium bromide (see figure Ready-to-run gel cartridges).




QIAxcel ScreenGel software provides a new level of convenienceQIAxcel ScreenGel software, specifically developed for use with the QIAxcel Advanced system, is a powerful and user-friendly tool for data collection and analysis. Interactive tools simplify analysis, facilitate rapid data interpretation, and provide flexibility with data and results displayed in both electropherogram and gel image formats. Results can be viewed individually or displayed as overlay views for sample and data comparison. All-in-one analysis for multiple data sets simplifies evaluation. A unique algorithm calculates and generates a tabular display of a variety of peak properties, including number of peaks as well as the size, height, width, and area of each peak. Comprehensive data reports can be easily generated and saved or exported to meet individual documentation needs. Complete process profiles for standardized sample processing — from running samples to data analysis, generating reports and exporting data — minimize the need for additional training for users (see figure Simplified and standardized data collection and analysis). Easy setup and startThe Process Wizard simplifies experiment startup (see figure Easy-to-use software features).


This convenient feature enables guided setup and allows run parameters to be defined and DNA size markers to be selected. Reagent lot number information can be included. Samples can be selected with a single click of the mouse and run checks can also be easily performed. New RNA Integrity ScoreThe updated QIAxcel ScreenGel software now features the QIAGEN RNA Integrity Score (RIS), which enables objective quality measurement of analyzed samples and allows easy interpretation of sample integrity. The RIS is a value from 1 to 10 where a value of 10 indicates completely intact RNA (see figure RIS indicates RNA integrity). The highly reproducible RIS eliminates the need for human interpretation and enables the implementation of rigorous quality control at appropriate breakpoints across workflows. This allows researchers to eliminate samples that do not meet the quality criteria required for downstream processes, reducing the risk of needing to repeat experiments and saving time and costs. Support of 21 CFR Part 11 complianceQIAxcel ScreenGel software includes specific features that support the technical requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. Security features such as the following are available:


•Password-protected login to prevent unauthorized access and data manipulation
•Audit trail documentation for configuration files and system events
•Automatic saving and archiving of write-protected raw data
•Secure user management


Different user profiles are available (Routine, Basic, Advanced, Admin) and are password protected (user login is required) for increased security. A simplified interface minimizes the need for user training and makes the software especially attractive for inexperienced users.