Ref. 9001793

Robotic workstation with UV light, HEPA filter, laptop computer,QIAxtractor operating software, start-up pack, installation and training, 1-year warranty on parts and labor

Economical, high-throughput nucleic acid purification from virtually all sample types The QIAxtractor is a high-performance instrument that enables fast, reliable purification of high-quality nucleic acids for up to 96 samples per run in increments of 8 samples. Ninety-six samples can be processed in just 96 minutes using the instrument, which has a very small footprint. Innovative instrument features minimize the risk of any contamination. Proprietary chemistries enable purification of nucleic acids from virtually all sample types, including liquids and tissues. Purified nucleic acids are particularly well-suited for use in a wide range of sensitive applications in fields such as biomedical research,genotyping, and genomics research.


The QIAxtractor provides:


High performance through optimized protocols and chemistries
Reliability due to innovative safety features
A small footprint for convenience and ease-of-use
A fast procedure, 96 samples are processed in just 96 minutes


Flexible, intuitive software


With the convenient software wizard, a run can be set up and started
with just a few clicks of the mouse. Any lab personnel can immediately
work independently. The software simulates the instrument worktable
enabling fast and easy setup. Reagent volumes are automatically
calculated by the software according to the number of samples. Runs are
fully documented, enabling easy data management. The software allows
import of a barcode databank if desired. Data can also be easily
integrated with a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).
Access control options enable management of user access and rights,
if required.