Strain Identification and Registration Service


The StrainSEEK® Strain Identification and Registration Service provides more high-quality genomic data than any other cannabis genetic sequencing service on the market. Using the most advanced genetic tools in the industry, Medicinal Genomics has produced the most contiguous and complete cannabis reference genome, which serves as the basis for StrainSEEK. The StrainSEEK assay sequences more than 3.5 million bases (Mb) across thousands of high-value targets, including 29 cannabinoid and terpene synthase genes as well as several genes for seed production and sex determination. Also included in the assay are 30,000 SNP’s that can be used to create high-density SNP maps for marker-assisted breeding. StrainSEEK enriches for these 3.5Mb, providing a fast and cost-effective means to uncover the genetics for your strain of interest.


Receive Information You Can Use


StrainSEEK provides a foundational data set to identify the complexity of your strain’s genome. Identify important SNP’s to be used in production QC and provide seed-to-sale tracking capabilities. This foundational data set also provides a cost-effective way to do marker-assisted breeding, identifying important locations in the genome for better crop yield, lifecycle management, and trait enhancements.

Cannibis Phylotree


Blockchain Registration Included


Protect your strains from restricting patents by demonstrating prior art, a key to protecting your strain from cannabis utility patents that are already being filed. Medicinal Genomics submits an encrypted version of your StrainSEEK data file to the DASH blockchain, which serves as a public, timestamped record of prior art that can be used to defend against any future patents.


Explore Your Strain’s Genetic Data on


Your individual StrainSEEK report includes its own webpage on with a picture of the strain, potency information, and the strain’s relationship to 100’s of other strains in the database. Determine your strain’s lineage and uniqueness as the closest genetic relatives are identified and a measurable genetic distance value is assigned to your strain. StrainSEEK’s design and richness of data enables users to compare your results using other public cannabis genomic datasets (Phylos, Lynch, Sawler), giving you the ability to compare your strain’s data to any public cannabis genetics.