TissueLyser II

 TissueLyser II

For medium- to high-throughput sample disruption for molecular analysis


REF. 85300


• Convenient and secure disruption process
• Adapter sets optimized for high-throughput disruption
• Wide range of accessories available
• Reproducible results with difficult-to-lyse tissues
• Front-end solution for QIAGEN automation


The TissueLyser II simultaneously disrupts multiple biological samples through high-speed shaking in plastic tubes with stainless steel, tungsten carbide, or glass beads. Using the appropriate adapter set, up to 48 or 192 samples can be processed at the same time. Alternatively, a grinding jar set can be used to process large samples. A range of beads, bead dispensers, and collection microtubes and caps are also available. All accessories for the TissueLyser II, including adapter sets, are also compatible with the TissueLyser I (no longer available).



Genotyping, gene expression, and proteomics applications demand effective disruption of biological samples to ensure high yields of DNA, RNA, and protein. Effortless disruption with the TissueLyser II system is achieved through high-speed shaking with beads, which beat and grind samples. The TissueLyser II system delivers thorough and rapid disruption of samples to fully release biomolecules, and also simultaneously homogenizes samples to facilitate subsequent purification procedures using QIAGEN kits (see table «QIAGEN purification kits compatible with QIAGEN disruption systems»).


The TissueLyser II is an integral part of QIAGEN’s complete solution for sample management — from sample collection to purification and analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein. The TissueLyser II complements QIAGEN automation for high-throughput sample preparation and analysis (see table «QIAGEN high-throughput automation»), such as the QIAsymphony SP. This easy-to-use instrument automates purification of DNA, RNA, and protein from 1–96 samples. The TissueLyser II is also compatible with QIAGEN manual sample preparation kits (see table «QIAGEN purification kits compatible with QIAGEN disruption systems»).


For RNA applications, stabilization of fresh tissues in RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent prevents RNA degradation during sample handling. For applications requiring purification of DNA, RNA, and protein, these 3 analytes can be immediately stabilized by placing fresh tissues in Allprotect Tissue Reagent.




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